C A N A D A   I M M I G R A T I O N



  • **   1) You can Live, Study, WORK for any organization anywhere in Canada

  • **   2) A Family Visa, Spouse is allowed to work full time from day one

  • **   3) You can enjoy most of the Social Benefits that Canadian Citizens Received

  • **   4) Extension of Permanent Residency as long as at least 730days (2years) out of those 5years are spend physically in Canada

  • **   5) You can apply for Canadian Citizenship after accumulating at least 1095days (3years) of Physical Residency in Canada

  • **   6) You can sponsor your eligible family members for Canadian Permanent Residency

  • **   7) Unlimited free entry or exit allowed from country. Holding the PR card you would stand at the immigration in the same queue as Canadian Citizens and PR holders only

  • **   8) Canada allows you to hold Dual Citizenship and Freedom to launch your own start –up or business

  • **   9) Canadian Permanent Residents can visa free travel to few countries like BAHAMAS, COSTA RICA, etc. Without a visa

  • **   10) Free English /French classes taught by a Qualified Teachers

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  • **   Once we receive the details through this form, instantly one of our immigration advisers will call you immediately and counsel you

  • **   They will explain you for the process of technical evaluation assessment which is the initial stage that is mandatory for everyone. During the course of which our highly trained evaluators will prepare a detailed evaluation report which will substantiate your odds of PR Visa

  • **   Only if your evaluation is positive we take up your profile for furthering processing, suppose if it is negative then we will suggest you which is the best country where you have more chances to qualify.

  • **   Once you sign up with us our highly trained and experienced staff will assist you with handling the application ideal from the preliminary stages through the visa stage.

  • **   It gives us great pleasure in being undivided attention and extremely detail- oriented, so that each application is prepared precise manner, as per that exists immigration policy and legal requirements.

  • **   We give incredible client support and accuracy in handling applications. We serve our customers with a strong sense of responsibility and integrity throughout consultation and communication.


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