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Xpressvizas is an emerging visa consultants that is out of the ordinary. We deliver expert services to our client. At present, we function for countries like Canada, Germany and Australia.

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Germany Vistior Visa

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Germany Vistior Visa

T he nation of Germany is one emerging destination for work, study, and tourism. Given the fairytale like history and outstanding surroundings this country is a favorable destination for those who wish to holiday at a pleasurable location. For going to this country and getting a holiday and if you are not from one of the Schengen region or EU nations, then you definitely require an authorization. This permit to enter into the country for a brief period of time is commonly known as Germany visitor visa to many.

Germany Schengen Tourist Visa is issued to visitors belonging to non – EU countries around the world based on the country you are from. The type of visa issued depends on various factors like purpose of visiting Germany, time or duration of the visit, etc. Like many other countries there are specifications on getting this visa from the authorities in that country. Here are the most common reasons for visiting.

  • Business – Requirements include but not limited to the LOI, business travel certificate, 6 months bank statement, memorandum for trade & renewal, and several other documents.
  • Medical – Applicant may have to provide proof of medical report and attestation from a doc./ hospital in Germany with details of medical condition/ situation, and appointment date as well as fee pymt rcpt.
  • Others (sports, Arts, Crew, Culture, Religion, Etc.) - Crew member details with stay duration, travel itinerary and details of expenses paid/ covered along with invitation letter and type/ nature of event.
  • Members of Office Delegates – Candidate will need to provide all Necessary documents / proofs.
  • Study, Training, Research, Internship – Candidate will need to provide all Necessary documents / proofs.
  • Spouse (wife/ husband of German citizen) – Candidate will need to provide all Necessary documents / proofs
  • Dependent (children less than 18 & unmarried) – Candidate will need to provide all Necessary documents / proofs.
  • Airport Transit Visa – Candidate will need to provide all Necessary documents / proofs.

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